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Greek Yogurt and Cocoa Powder: High Protein Chocolate Treat

Mixing together greek yogurt and cocoa gives you a chocolate treat without the extra calories and sugar.

I tried the yogurt-cocoa recipe for my first time yesterday when I was craving chocolate but couldn’t eat the real thing due to my joining a 21-Day Food Challenge a few days ago.  I knew that I had a container of plain greek yogurt that I needed to use up so I searched online to see what I could do.

Mind you, I’m not good at cooking so I wanted something simple.  Simplicity is what I found with this treat as it’s quick and easy to make and takes very few ingredients:

Greek Yogurt + 1 Tablespoon Cocoa + Sweetener
Mix together well and eat.

Now, since I just purchased a bottle of Yacon Syrup (The Dr. Oz  Show says it may help me trim my waistline), I decided to use the syrup as my sweetener.  So, I found a pretty bowl and mixed together a store-brand container of the yogurt, cocoa, yacon syrup and cinnamon (I love cinnamon!).  Once mixed together, it looked like chocolate mousse!


I took one bite and I could taste the separate flavors of the cocoa and yogurt.  It was okay, but wasn’t exactly great because I dislike the taste of plain yogurt.  Apparently the yacon syrup didn’t sweeten it up very much.  So, I decided to add in a packet of Truvia.


The sweetness of Truvia made a world of difference and it made my “chocolate mousse” taste great!

This is a treat that provides 18 grams of protein (depending on yogurt brand) with just 110 calories and 7 grams of sugar.



p.s. If you want to learn more about greek yogurt, please check out my post, Greek Yogurt – A High Protein Treat.

Photo Credits: Diana Poisson


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