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This blog is where I share my journey into losing those extra ten pounds (again) by eating more protein!  I am going to relearn how to get more protein into my diet with protein sources that are healthy, taste great and fit into my budget.

Welcome!  I’m Diana and I work full-time in retail sales and live with my husband, mom and pet bird Patty.

It’s January 2014 and I gained back the ten pounds that I lost in 2012.  Back then, I was tracking my calories on MyFitnessPal and exercising regularly.  I still exercise, but I quit the calorie counting because it was time-consuming for me to measure and track the foods.  I no longer enjoyed meal times because of that.

As I feel that my diet is the main culprit in my weight gain, I went back and reviewed my food diaries from 2012 and noticed that I was eating an average of 100 grams of protein per day on a 2000 calorie diet.  My main protein sources were protein/meal replacement shakes, eggs, tuna, cottage cheese, salmon, chicken, greek yogurt and steel cut oats.

As I dislike calorie counting, my 2014 plan is to concentrate on eating those protein foods again while looking for other smart protein options.

Some may say that I’m going low carb because I’m going high protein.  Maybe so, but I’m not going to be specifically looking at my carbs.  For some reason, I find it easier to concentrate on my protein grams than on my carb grams.  Also, I noticed that when I add protein to my meals, I feel fuller and my blood sugar levels seem to be ok.  If I go without protein, it seems that within two hours, I’m starving, shaky and light-headed.

However, I do want to make sure that I’m eating healthy proteins.  Has anyone of you noticed all of the “high protein” foods on the grocery store shelves?  Yes, they do have protein, but many are also highly processed or are high in calories, fats or sugar.  I want my protein, but I also want to feed my body with good, clean ingredients.

Some of my questions that I hope to answer are:

  • Protein Powders: What are the differences between the animal based (whey, egg and casien) and plant based (soy, hemp, rice and pea) varieties?
  • Protein Bars: Many are packed with with sugar and calories.  Which are the healthier bars?
  • Greek Yogurt: The plain varieties have the most protein and the least amount of sugar.  But I don’t like the taste.  What can I add to them to make them taste better?
  • What real foods are great protein sources?

As I find protein foods to eat, I will let you know how I like them.  I’m hoping to have a number of protein sources to select from that are quick and easy to make, healthy, not too expensive and taste great.  I hope that you enjoy my blog and would love it if you would say hello or leave a comment.


Diana Poisson


I'm Diana and this is where I tell you about different high protein foods. I'm always looking for healthy, great tasting and easy to make high protein choices!