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Protein Bars

After seeing one of my Facebook friends post regularly about the Quest Cookies and Cream bars, I thought I better give them a try.  I value this friend’s opinion as she is very health and fitness minded and is in great shape.  She’s not a Quest affiliate which made me feel that her positive posts ... [Read more]

What can be more easy to eat than a protein bar?  From grocery store to stomach, there isn’t much to do.  Just throw a bar in your purse, backpack or desk drawer and you have a very convenient on-the-go snack or meal replacement.  There isn’t any cooking involved or any dishes to wash and it’s ... [Read more]

My mom and I purchase the Nature Valley Protein Chewy Bars more than any other protein bar.  As a diabetic, she likes that each bar contains only 6 grams of sugar.  Many of the protein bars that we have looked at contain more sugar.  I purchase it because of the price.  So far, it’s one ... [Read more]

Protein bars and bananas are my go-to foods for when I just have a few minutes to gobble something down.  They are very convenient as there is no-cooking involved and they are both highly portable. Though it’s advertised as a meal replacement bar, I ate the Atkins Advantage Cinnamon Bun Bar today for my mid-morning ... [Read more]


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