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Last night I made a delicious chicken and vegetable soup for dinner that is full of protein and low in fat, calories and sugar.  I make it on the rare nights that I have to cook as it’s very simple to make.   Chicken and Vegetable Soup Listed below is how I made the soup ... [Read more]

Making a green drink with a scoop of protein powder is an easy way to get fresh fruits, vegetables and protein into your system. Since I’ve never been a big fruit or vegetable eater, I relied on meal replacement shakes such as Shakeology or Shake FX to get fruit and vegetable nutritional equivalents into my ... [Read more]

As much as I like my protein shakes, there are days that I want solid food.  Since I had extra time this morning, I decided to make a protein pancake.  Protein pancakes are a great way to get protein into your diet. I learned about protein pancakes a year ago from one of my Facebook ... [Read more]


I'm Diana and this is where I tell you about different high protein foods. I'm always looking for healthy, great tasting and easy to make high protein choices!