Eating Protein

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Give yourself a break from your normal sandwich by switching out the bread for Flatout Flatbread!   I bought the Multi-Grain with Flax flavor and each piece has 9 grams of protein.  Besides getting in some extra protein, I’m saving calories because I’m using one flatbread (100 calories) vs. two slices of bread (160 – ... [Read more]

If you like Asian food, here are a couple of dishes that can help you get in your protein requirements for the day: Soft Tofu Soup and Seafood Udon Soup.  I had the pleasure of eating both during recent visits to a teriyaki restaurant located near my home. Soft Tofu Soup The owner of the restaurant ... [Read more]

After seeing one of my Facebook friends post regularly about the Quest Cookies and Cream bars, I thought I better give them a try.  I value this friend’s opinion as she is very health and fitness minded and is in great shape.  She’s not a Quest affiliate which made me feel that her positive posts ... [Read more]

Last night I made a delicious chicken and vegetable soup for dinner that is full of protein and low in fat, calories and sugar.  I make it on the rare nights that I have to cook as it’s very simple to make.   Chicken and Vegetable Soup Listed below is how I made the soup ... [Read more]

Mixing together greek yogurt and cocoa gives you a chocolate treat without the extra calories and sugar. I tried the yogurt-cocoa recipe for my first time yesterday when I was craving chocolate but couldn’t eat the real thing due to my joining a 21-Day Food Challenge a few days ago.  I knew that I had ... [Read more]


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